Letter from the CEO

Earth“Houston, we have a problem”. Those ominous words spoken on April 13, 1970 have become part of our cultural lexicon. An explosion had crippled Apollo 13 and placed the lives of the crew in grave danger. Over the next 4 days the entire world leaned in and held its breath while the entire NASA organization worked around the clock to bring the crew home alive.

Not so different are we here on “Spaceship Earth” from that beleaguered craft. The crew of Apollo 13 had to contend with increased carbon dioxide in the air and a dire lack of potable water. Fossil fuels are pumping carbon in our atmosphere and agricultural run-off is poisoning our water.

We are slowing destroying our planet and it’s the only one we have!

There are billions of galaxies in the universe. And billions of stars in each one. I have no doubt that somewhere out there is a planet like ours which could sustain life. We may even be able to identify a habitable planet one day. But we do not have the technology to get there. Very likely, we never will.

So, like the crew of Apollo 13, we have to deal with the situation at hand. There is simply no place else to go. We must act, and act quickly or our outcome may not be as favorable as Apollo 13’s.

Green Planet Fundraising may not have all the answers but we do have a great plan. Using trees sold as fundraisers for charities and non-profits, we will plant trees and undergrowth along the boundaries of our water shed.

These Riparian Buffer Zones are specifically designed to capture agricultural run-off before it can enter the water system. Additionally, as the trees grow, they will remove more and more carbon from the atmosphere.
Much, much more has to be done in order to reverse the detrimental effects we have perpetrated on the planet. But one thing is certain: If we do nothing, we are going to slowly poison ourselves and kill our planet.

At Green Planet we are committed to Positively Impacting the Planet. We will do our part. Will you do yours?

Martin Buoncristiani