Mineral fertilizers contain nutrients in the form of various mineral salts. Depending on what nutrients are contained in them, fertilizers are divided into simple and complex (complex). Simple (one-sided) fertilizers contain one any battery. These include phosphate, nitrogen, potash and micronutrient fertilizers. Complex (complex), or multilateral, fertilizers contain at the same time two or more basic nutrients.

Soils usually have all the nutrients the plant needs. But often the individual elements is not enough for satisfactory growth of plants. On sandy soils, plants often lack magnesium, on peat soils - molybdenum, on chernozem - manganese, etc. The use of mineral fertilizers is one of the main methods of intensive farming. With the help of fertilizers, it is possible to dramatically increase the yields of any crops in areas that have already been developed, without the additional costs of cultivating new lands.

For fertilizer application fertilizer seeders are used.

Agrotanks are used to store liquid mineral fertilizers.

Mineral fertilizers on the content of the main components are nitrogenous, phosphoric, potassium, complex and micronutrient fertilizers. They are chemical products and contain one or more nutrients in high concentrations.